About us

Galaxy HeadQuarters is your online store for the latest Action Figures, Statues, Graphic Novels and Cinema Merchandise.

All available on demand and also with pre-orders so you are on top of the newest trends.

Our goal is to keep it simple, cool and personalised for YOU!

Meet the Gang

Joao and Sergio are huge fans of the biggest brands on the comic books and cinema world, from Marvel to Star Wars, Disney, DC and more. 

In order to combine their passion for this wonderful world that fuels so many people with joy and the passion for costumer services, retail and service to costumers they decided this would be the perfect opportunity to build something new and exciting.

Starting with a small business, their goal is to build a community and share the joy of collecting some of the most unique figures and comic books that will remind you of your favourite movies, TV shows and more.

Why Galaxy HeadQuarters?

Well, what if the coolest things in the Galaxy had their HeadQuarters here on Planet Earth?

We want to bring here, to our home and your home, experiences from the outer world, products that you can just dream of and make you feel like everything in this or other galaxies are available to you on this HeadQuarters of entertainment.